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To me living in Shanghai is like being inside a “hyperlapse”, continuously moving forward at high speed. This is why I believe each frame should be meaningful, on point and possibly inspiring.

Storytelling is my daily bread, whether it’s videos, pictures, VR or AR, I help creating contents that matter for my clients. The common thread of every story is innovation, so that means I’m managing multiple fast paced productions at a time, dealing with last-minute setbacks every day.

From working as creative director on extensive marketing campaigns to producing end-to-end deliverables in less than 24 hours, the constant goal is bringing value to each project by adopting an authentic, human-centric perspective and tone of voice.

In the past I've learned how to carefully listen and record different stories by assisting in NatGeo reportages and directing award-winning music videos and documentaries also featured on Rolling Stone, WIRED & RedBull.

In my spare time I collaborate with my sister Sarah Pini, a researcher & artist based in Sydney. Together we developed an on-going short film series called ”Infinito”, exploring the relationship between cancer and its transformational aspects from an autobiographic perspective. Our project has been screened and awarded by festivals and published on academic journals.

I love hearing unexpected stories and connecting with new people. Get in touch!



Infinito is a documentary film series I developed with my sister Sarah. Our project started in 2007 after she received a cancer diagnosis.
Each episode frames a visual metaphor of Sarah’s inner landscape during ten years of Sarah’s oncological treatments and dance explorations. 

 Together we engaged our artistic practices into processes of healing and resistance, exploring ways to rewrite our life narratives through dance and filmmaking.


Episode 1

Directed by Sarah & Ruggero Pini

Choreography & Performance: Sarah Pini

Filming & Editing: Ruggero Pini

Original Soundtrack: Monkeeastronaut

Sarah  is trapped in a separate dimension. She wanders in limbo until she reaches the surface .


Filmed in Tenerife on December 2014, Abisso represents the last dance Sarah performed before successfully undergoing a stem cells transplant, marking the acknowledgement of Sarah's deepest fear.


Winner 2018 Visual and Creative Ethnography Competition - Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA).

Premiered at the 2018 Australian Anthropology Society (AAS) Annual Conference.